One IBC Limited

Updated time: Oct 16, 2017 , 10:17 (UTC+08:00)

One IBC main purpose is to provide customers with the best solution for their offshore activities. Therefore, the company is always trying their best to expand its operation and networking by collaborating with others popular international banks. The Corporation proud themselves on cooperating and delivering their services to over 32 branches, representative offices and associated companies in 26 countries around the world.


Products and Services

  • Advisory services
  • Finance audit & accounting Services
  • Banking & Account support
  • Incorporation services
  • E-commerce services
  • Virtual Office and Local Phone Service
  • International Tax Planning

Corporation Core Value

  • Confidentiality
  • Competitive price policy
  • Offshore business experts
  • Strong executive team
  • Integrity and due diligence

One IBC has chosen World Payments Corporation as a partner to facilitate the payments process from transactions of merchants. WPC is always our reliable and perfect option as it contributes to the development of corporation with the competitive price.

One IBC Quote: “As a corporation that aims to the continuous improvement of service quality, being at the forefront of technology, and promise to bring the best values to partners as well as customers. Dealing with sensitive customer information is a must. We, One IBC, needs a supreme security solution. After searching around for provider supporting Token Payments with a competitive price, we found World Payments Corporation as a strategic partner.

Communicating directly with banking system requires much from us. Thanks to World Payments Corporation, their solutions have enhanced our workload. It only takes few for our transaction to operate and work with many countries all over the world. With the contribution of WPC, One IBC has been fast-moving from an Asia-based company into an internationally growing one with increasing customer database. Thousands of other platforms around the world are bringing payments in-house with World Payments Corporation.”

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