Global Immigration Services Limited

Updated time: Feb 22, 2018 , 17:11 (UTC+08:00)

Global Immigration Services (GIS) is a business with the activity in VISA assistance service for many countries in the global scale.

GIS provides assistance for the applicants, or in the resolution of difficult cases, emergency, and especially to create the most favorable conditions in the matter of application for visa process. These services include consultation and visa advice and approved visa letter, being issued by the country.

Global Immigration Services

As known, with more than 10-year experience in visa service, GIS knows how to do for the customers. GIS was set up to offer visa applicants the most convenient visa services that meet the criteria of Legitimate Service, Quality, Reliability, Prompt Responses, and Customer-Focused Approach.

To be aware of the important role of Online Sales Activities, GIS have a great investment in their online sales activities to provide their customers the best desires. Those websites would allow their valuable customers to book the service being suited with their needs.

Global Immigration Services has selected World Payments Corporation to automate e-transactions delivery across their visa processing services. World Payments Corporation is delighted to provide the GIS with their payment service solutions and looking forward to supporting their ongoing growth.

Global Immigration Services: “Our transactions were completed seamlessly and quickly and experienced low latency throughout the entire day”.

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