Checkout Payment

Updated time: Nov 22, 2017 , 15:39 (UTC+08:00)

1. Process

Checkout payment will take a customer off from your site’s checkout page. Once user clicks on “Pay now” button at your website, user will be redirected to payment service provider (PSP) page. Here user needs to fill in his/her payment details. Once the customer made the payment, he/she will be redirected back to your website to finish the checkout process.

Refund and Cancellation of Payment need to be handled at World Payments Corporation (World Payments Corporation Corp)’s site.

Checkout Payment

2. Notification

Notification URL can be set either at our website or in your Payment Gateway’s script. Whenever any activity is executed for payment, notification will be sent to that URL and related action will take place at your website.

3. Benefits from using World Payments Corporationoration’s checkout payment

3.1. High-level security

Enterprise-sized companies have the financial resources to invest in Payment Card Industry (PCI) certification, Risk & Fraud departments or building internal security protocols. The majority of online vendors are lacking these financial resources, but more importantly - they lack the need to invest precious assets when an effective solution is available.

Using our service with an integrated payment solution that is already PCI-certified and with high-level security measures in place enables vendors to focus on their core business. World Payments Corporation Corp handles all compliance and fraud-related inquiries and is constantly updating the security measures, as we specialize in data security and fraud prevention.

3.2. No need for design resources

World Payments Corporation Corp has already invested significant financial resources in building optimal payment page designs that are responsive on various devices, maximize conversions and ensure customers the complete of their purchases.

These pages are regularly optimized to provide the best solution possible. The templates do allow vendors to customize the payment page with their logo and colors, enabling them to provide a remarkable experience where customers might not even be aware that they have been transferred to a third-party page.

3.3. Save cost on development

Building an online payment page is very costly in both time and development resources. By utilizing a secure checkout payment page from us, vendors can circumvent the need for an in-house or freelance development team and quickly accept online payments.

3.4. Save time on integration

When creating a completely dedicated online payment page, vendors need to individually integrate each payment method, each currency, and - if needed - translate the page into multiple languages. However, our checkout payment pages already have a wide variety of payment methods integrated. We also have multilingual and multicurrency payment solutions built into their payment pages, thus combining weeks, and even months, of integration resources into very minimal integration time.

3.5. Reduce vendor liability

As mentioned earlier, World Payments Corporation Corp invested the bulk of our resources on securing their payment pages. As such, hacking is very rare on checkout payment pages. In the unlikely event that hacking occurs, the vendor is not obligated to cover losses incurred. Using a checkout payment page significantly reduces risk for the vendor. It is important to note, however, that vendors are still responsible for upholding basic security measures to keep their customers’ information safe as well, but the level of PCI compliance will be much lower as the vendors will not be storing credit card data directly on their servers.

Online consumer shopping is constantly on the rise and, consequently, so is credit card fraud. Vendors are facing with a need to set up secure and affordable payment solutions that will both allow them to receive online payments and provide their customers with a seamless purchase process that will make them feel safe. Any company that has incurred liability losses can attest to the huge benefit that a company specializing in payment security like us can provide.

Setting up vendor account services to accept online payments is an overwhelming task, but using ready-made payments pages isn’t good for everyone. Some vendors prefer to invest their financial and IT resources in setting up their own online payment solution, thus ensuring them the full control over all of the information related to their customers and their purchases. For many others, they are working with a PSP’s optimized payment page and built-in security measures, who provides the ultimate solution for accepting online payments. Using a checkout payment page from World Payments Corporation Corp provides vendors with a convenient, affordable, and secure solution for a fully-compliant payment process that will maximize conversion and allow the vendor to focus on their core business.

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