Updated time: Jun 13, 2018 , 10:39 (UTC+08:00)
Step 1

Create Account

  • Sign up with Email Confirmation.
  • Easily get your account just less than 5 minutes.
Step 2

Start Integrating!

  • Test all kinds of transactions right on your Dashboard.
  • Stay in control with simple, secured and quick payment methods.
  • A guidance will be sent to you for further integration into your website.
Step 3

Activating LIVE (Complete Review within 2 hours)

  • Send LIVE account’s request by filling out the active form online.
  • World Payments Corporation will base on the information to support for you.
Step 4

Accept Payment

  • Get email confirmation for LIVE account.
  • With LIVE Account, keep track of daily transactions as well as your Payout details (date, amount, status, etc…).
  • By simple steps in Dashboard, payment comes to your bank account within few days.

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