Fees Schedule

Updated time: Nov 25, 2017 , 11:31 (UTC+08:00)


For newer businesses looking to grow

3.50% + 0.39 USD

per transaction

  • No minimums
  • No hidden costs
  • Basic fraud protection
  • Phone + email support


     For established businesses ready to scale

Get in touch

for a custom quote

  • Tailored pricing
  • Dedicated account support
  • Advanced fraud tools
  • Integration support

Credit and debit cards

3.50% + US$ 0.39 per transaction

This per transaction fee applies to all authorisations, authorisation reversals, 3D secure and verifications

  • An additional 1.5% fee applies to transactions executed by card issued outside Singapore.
  • US$ 500 Onetime-Set-up fee will be charge to your account and Monthly fee US$ 50 for your account maintainace.
  • For transactions of another currency except Dollar, the executing cost is 0.39 x One unit of Currency.
  • US$ 49 for per chargeback fee.
  • Mobile and Tablet payment page customization free.
  • Real-time Risk management free.