What are World Payments Corporation highlight features?

Updated time: Mar 21, 2018 , 12:54 (UTC+08:00)

1. Customize your checkout page

Bring your brand to the checkout process and give your customers the familiar experience. This helps maintain your customer's online shopping experience

2. Customer service

We are always available 24/24 to support you or help you resolve all problems with the enthusiasm to make you satisfied with our service as much as possible

3. Top security and risk monitoring

Our priority is to provide the best security and risk monitoring program to avoid risks that damage both vendor and vendor’s customer such as fraud, theft refund or chargeback…by using 3 following powerful tools: 3D secure, Real-time risk management, Risk management,…

4. Virtual Terminal

One of our most competitive services for retailer as allows to accept payment at anytime and anywhere. Your clients just waste 1 minute to complete the payment even they are not online or stay far from the store.

5. mPOS

Access a new potential market with WPC Mobile connect to WPC Pos device which help accept credit card payments anywhere, no country boundary can stop your business. Your customer experience will improve and the sales opportunities increase too.

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